Max Orozco

A change we need. A voice we deserve.


I have been an Oakland resident and OUSD parent for the past 18 years.  Currently I have a child in the 5th grade at La Escuelita and a stepchild in the 5th grade at Markham Elementary. I’m a tradesman with over 15 years specializing in Plumbing and Electrical.

I’m running for school board because our public schools are currently under attack. My family is feeling the impact acutely as my daughter at Escuelita lost her middle school when the current board eliminated Escuelita 6-8, among several other schools, with a sudden vote in February 2022.  Our attempts to reverse the school board’s decision were not successful despite thousands of public comments, rallies, letters and even a one-day teacher strike.

I am running for School Board Director for District 2 with a mission to stop the school closures, advocate for the needs of students, teachers, parents and community, and halt the privatization of our public buildings and resources.  As a Board Member I intend to bring back the programs that have been taken from our children and develop college and career preparation programs for our high school students that include viable paths to good-paying union jobs such as in the skilled trades. Instead of selling or leasing public buildings, I will advocate for publicly-funded community resources such as job training, adult education, and after-school enrichment for youth.

I believe we must hold OUSD administrative personnel accountable for their attacks on our young people and school workers. I will be a voice of the community— parents, grandparents, and educators who believe our children deserve the best education possible.